Sometimes I wish I wasn’t who I am.  And yet, I wouldn’t want to be anybody else.  Sometimes, knowing I don’t belong somewhere can completely break my heart…and yet I know I look for ways to be different.  I find myself constantly at crossroads of where I want to go and where I’ve been.  I have trouble finding my way and yet can usually see the light of my path.  I am constantly looking over my shoulder while at the same time I keep my eyes on the horizon watching for the next adventure.  I am a seeker, a traveler, an explorer, a wanderer.  I am thankful for all the places I have been and have yet to go.  So does that tell you a lot about who I am?  Probably not.  I also tend to be a dreamer, a word player, and a poet.  I am ready to share my life.  I want to tell you about my adventures, let you know how I came to be who I am, and, maybe, you can begin to reveal yourself as well.  I don’t want to die unknown and unknowing.  I have decided to blog about all of my adventures, the ordinary and the extraordinary, as I travel among worlds, both physical and spiritual.  I grew up in Kansas, lived in England, traveled through Europe, backpacked alone across Malaysia, and have driven through 47 of the 50 American states.  I have lived out of the back of my pickup truck and yet have also experienced amazing riches and abundance.  I have had visions of angels and spirits who have guided my journey from the very beginning.  These adventures have been beautiful and frightening, unnerving and mind blowing, unusual and routine.  I have, at times, been terrified of my surroundings, both in and out of my head, and yet fascinated by all the places I have been.  Yes, sometimes I wish I wasn’t who I am…and yet know I would never want to be anyone else.

Tomorrow, I will tell you about my very first adventure.  Please join me on my journey.


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