Where I am

I know I have chosen a lonely life for myself. Though I know I have meet the most amazing people from all over the world, it hasn’t been easy to maintain long standing relationships when I have moved around so much. A friend teased me one time by saying, “You move more than someone on the run from the law.” I don’t know if she ever realized how exactly right she was. I have my own separate page in her address book. She claims that she saves extra room for me because she has to constantly write in updates to my information.

I just moved again a few months ago. It’s funny. I never realize how much junk I have until I have to move it. But every time I move, pieces of myself get scattered all over the place. I decided I didn’t want to move all of the junk again, so I did what I normally do every time I move. I called my friend, Olga, and asked if there was anything of mine she could use. She answered, “Oh, I could really use the toaster oven and blender. That would be so great. But I can’t get over right now to pick them up because of the kids.”
Oh, well, okay, no problem. I loaded everything into my truck and drove it to her apartment. Suddenly, over the next few days, I started getting calls from several other people I knew. “Hey, I hear you’re moving and giving some things away. Can I have your…”

Next thing I know I’m loading up my truck and driving my microwave oven over to Rayna’s place, my vacuum cleaner to Teri’s, my mixer, dishes, and various appliances over to Jaynie’s…Wait a minute! I suddenly realized I was driving all of my things all over town! Why didn’t I just drive all of it to my new apartment?!

No, seriously, I am so fortunate to have the friends that I have and to have meet a lot of interesting and unique people from all over the world. But I always move on. I am always ready to pack up and go. I am bored staying in one place for too long. Roots do not grow under me. I don’t feel connected to any one place and yet I love everywhere I go. I’m just always looking for the next opportunity. I always seem to have my eyes focused on what is over the next horizon and sometimes I don’t realize the warmth of the sun that shines on me wherever I am. Sometimes I have to wonder why I’m going and what I am trying to accomplish. I don’t know if I will ever find the answer to these life riddles but that doesn’t stop me from searching for some solution somewhere.

But that’s alright because along the way I have made many amazing discoveries. As much as I feel I know people, and I know about this world, and I know about life, every new place I arrive surprises me with scenery, people, and opportunities I could never have even imagined.


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